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At Jaws Physical Therapy, we excel in diagnosing and treating jaw, head, and neck dysfunctions. Our therapists are highly trained in the latest interventions, ensuring you receive top-quality care and achieve your goals efficiently.

Specialized Manual Therapy with Experienced Clinicians
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About Jaws PT

Jaws Physical Therapy is a leading provider in the growing field of concierge and virtual healthcare, where our physical therapists combine clinical expertise with exceptional customer service to revolutionize patient care. Our mission is to deliver comprehensive, world-class physical therapy services directly to patients in the comfort and convenience of their own homes or workplaces.

We adopt a holistic approach, evaluating any physical or psychosocial factors that may be causing dysfunction. Our focus is on identifying and treating the root causes for this dysfunction rather than offering temporary relief. Whether you are having popping in your jaw, difficulty opening, grinding at night, pain with eating, tinnitus, headache, neck pain and more know that you are in good hands. Our dedicated team takes the time to thoroughly explain assessments and engage in meaningful discussions, collaboratively creating personalized therapy plans tailored to each patient's specific needs. We actively support and encourage individual transformation, striving to provide lasting relief and improved functionality.

Our Services Unmatched in Spring Lake


Our clinic offers specialized physical therapy services to treat head and jaw dysfunctions. We use the latest techniques and equipment to ensure you receive the best care possible.
We offer post-surgical rehabilitation services to help you recover from head and jaw surgeries and get back to your daily activities as soon as possible.
We understand that head and jaw dysfunctions can be painful. That's why we offer pain management services to help you manage your pain and improve your quality of life.

We offer free online consultations to answer questions and to see if Jaws PT is a good fit for you.

We offer wellness programs to help you maintain your physical health and prevent head and jaw dysfunctions from occurring.

We believe that prevention is better than cure. That's why we offer injury prevention services to help you avoid head and jaw dysfunctions in the future.

for pain and movement issues associated with myofascial trigger points. With this technique, a provider inserts thin needles into or near your trigger points. The needles stimulate your muscles, which causes them to contract or twitch. This helps relieve pain and improve your range of motion.

Nolan Seiler, IL

Tony has been an absolute God send. After 6 years of debilitating neck and jaw pain he has provided me with the most relief I’ve experienced ever. I never thought that I would find any relief as I have seen many doctors and physical therapists who were unable to help. My quality of life is going way up since being here! I’ve only seen Tony 6 times and he is getting my jaw and neck to function again! So thankful. 12/10 recommend

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