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I am Tony Schuster, a seasoned and licensed Physical Therapist boasting over 15 years of experience in the field. Following the completion of my Doctorate at Nova Southeastern University, I became acutely aware of the inadequate preparation provided by many PT schools in the realm of managing temporomandibular disorders. Consequently, I was promptly approached to specialize in this area upon graduation.

Seeking to enhance my expertise, I pursued an extensive array of continuing education courses alongside distinguished professionals in the field. Through diligent application and a growing track record of successful patient outcomes, I have developed proprietary disc reduction techniques and essential products aimed at assisting fellow physical therapists in addressing this underserved population.

Presently, I am embarking on a new chapter, dedicating myself to those individuals who have exhausted conventional options such as bite splints or bite realignment without experiencing relief. I aim to convey that alternative solutions do exist, even for those who have previously undergone physical therapy. Often, the key lies in finding the appropriate healthcare provider.

Research indicates a significant correlation between TMJ disorders, headaches, and neck pain, originating from both physical and psychological factors within the human body. Be assured that my approach to evaluation and treatment is comprehensive and current, utilizing the latest interventions to restore your well-being and alleviate the persistent symptoms you endure daily.

For any head and neck disorders suitable for physical therapy intervention, allow our specialized team to deliver optimal results within a reasonable timeframe.

More about me...I am married and proud father of 2 wonderful boys who love to play everything and also to get themselves in to injuries. We are sports lovers, explorers, campers, fishermen, hunters, hikers, boaters, athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. 

Our Philosophy and Treatment Approach

At your own home, place of work, or through telehealth we specialize in providing expert therapy for TMJ disorders(TMD), Craniofacial Disorders, Neck pain and Headaches. Our therapists have trained with the best physical therapists in the field of TMD such as Erson Religioso who has certifications in the evaluation of oromaxillary, craniofacial, and TMJ pain; Mark Strickland certified specialist by the physical therapy board of cervical and craniofacial therapeutics; and Mariano Rocabado the professor and researcher who has devoted his life to learning and teaching about techniques for treating the TMJ. With this therapy, you know you will be getting a well rounded approach with various techniques taught by experts and honed in over the past 15 years of practicing to correct your dysfunction. If you're suffering from chronic TMD pain, cervicogenic headaches, tinnitus, bruxism, dizziness or neck pain, our therapy can help. Our goal is to alleviate muscle guarding, improve range of motion in the neck and TMJ, enhance posture and restore normal joint mechanics. We offer comprehensive treatment for all conditions related to these symptoms. TMJ pain falls under the broader category of temporomandibular disorders (TMD), and we have the expertise to address various jaw pain conditions such as Anterior Disc Displacement with and without reduction, Retrodisciitis, Capsulitis, Subluxation, TMJ OA, TMJ Trauma, Post-op TMJ replacement, among others.


Our experienced doctors of physical therapy specialize in evaluating and treating TM joint disorders, TMJ-related headaches, neck pain, and cervicogenic headaches. From the initial evaluation, we prioritize understanding your history, symptoms, and factors that affect your pain. By tailoring our treatment program to your specific needs, we use therapy methods designed to decrease pain and provide relief.

During our session, you will work with the same clinician throughout your continuum of care. We conduct a thorough evaluation of your jaw, neck, shoulders, and thoracic spine, assessing posture, range of motion, muscle stiffness, trigger points, and strength. Our hands-on manual therapy techniques focus on alleviating myofascial restrictions and joint stiffness, including trigger point release and muscle energy techniques and more.

Additionally, we incorporate exercises to restore posture, improve coordination, address muscle weakness or imbalances, and improve jaw function. We take a holistic approach treating not just the jaw and connecting parts of the body, but also other systems of the body that may be playing a factor in your condition.

Throughout the treatment process, we provide education on exercises and habits to improve jaw pain and mobility, posture, headaches, and neck pain. Our clinicians, with post-doctoral training in treating the physical and mental aspects of their condition, employ various techniques such as myofascial mobilization, nerve gliding, joint mobilization, dry needling, iontophoresis, muscle energy techniques, therapeutic neuroscience education and posture corrective exercises.

Post Surgical Patient? Our therapists will follow your surgeons guidelines and improve their outcomes by speeding up the healing process and restoring the mechanics of the jaw. Many oral surgeons throughout the country have used our services and have stuck with us, because they know they can trust us to provide specialized care and not just modalities, such as heat, massage and exercise that they may get elsewhere. 

If you're interested in learning more about our TMJ and TM disorders therapy, please feel free to email me at:

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What is TMD?​

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the jaw joint, and temporomandibular disorders (TMD) refer to conditions that cause jaw pain, difficulty in opening or closing the jaw, clicking, facial pain, and head or neck pain. Myalgia, or myofascial pain, is the most common cause of TMJ pain, and our physical therapy focuses on resolving myofascial pain and optimizing joint mobility along with restoring normal joint mechanics.

People with TMJ disorders often experience headaches, dizziness, and neck pain as well, which is why we evaluate and treat the neck and thoracic spine for every patient with TMD. Various types of TMJ pain conditions can be effectively treated with our TMD therapy. We also collaborate with dentists if jaw or bite correction is necessary.

The TMJ is a complex joint responsible for opening and closing the mouth. Effective joint mechanics are essential for smooth movement, and our therapy aims to optimize this motion. We also address the tension and trigger points in the muscles and ligaments surrounding the TM joint, which can cause pain, stiffness, and fatigue.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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