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Resolve your jaw, neck and head dysfunction.

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Nolan Seiler

"I have had tinnitus for 8 years now. I can’t remember the

Last time I went to bed without having to listen to a movie, podcast, audiobook, or anything other than the symphony of ringing in my ears! I have seen countless doctors, physical therapists, and taken personal actions to try and increase my qualify of life, but only Tony has been able to help with that. Tony worked some difficult muscles to get to and WALA! Tinnitus gone. 


Tony is unique in his ability to identify complex issues within the body, while figuring out holistic ways in treating them. I have full confidence in his ability to treat nearly anything given his dedication to research, and his attentiveness to listening to your pains and issues. If you want to see your quality of life improve, start here. I can’t say enough about the treatment I’ve received. THANK YOU, TONY!"

Nolan, Tinnitus Sufferer

Spring Lake, MI

Brett Holleman, MI

I have had the privilege of working with Tony following a significant accident with multiple and somewhat unusual fractures. Tony has done an incredible job working respectfully and carefully to address a number of various physical challenges. Every time I show up, I can tell Tony has done his research and has carefully thought about how to proceed. In addition Tony has been patient, calm and sensitive to the emotional challenges that come with the physical challenges. 


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